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As experienced entrepreneurs, we are convinced it is our duty to help the newer generations. But we believe that finding new talent is no easy task. That is why we came up with a new phase in our acceleration process. Before taking any equity from the Startups we incubate, we get involved in the project’s every day life; we introduce the founders with great potential clients and we setup product trials with our partner companies. This way we can evaluate each Startup’s potential, and the entrepreneurs can get to know us and the way we work before we sign any kind of agreement.


Creating profitable companies is a mix of opportunity and hard work. Once we've determined a Startup has great potential and that we can help its founders grow their business, we begin with the Advising. We commit ourselves 100% to the projects and introduce each team to the right clients and partners and aim to monetize them fast, hence accelerating growth. We help define the right business model for each Startup and work alongside each team to understand their company’s true financial needs to pave the way towards an investment.


After a Startup is monetizing, finding the right investor is only a matter of time. Once we understand what each project needs in order to go after an investment and increase its growth even further, we define together the right investment strategy and lead the capital raising process. We accompany each investment and search for investors who can provide more than just capital, but also their time, contacts and expertise to the Startup. We believe this is the best way to look after the team’s investment, and our own.

Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS)

Overboost is one of a small group of firms that has opted to launch Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS) arms. The concept is simple. VCaaS entities manage funds for corporations that have their sights on investing in promising startups, both don’t have the resources or willingness to develop dedicated corporate venture capital arms.

  • We understand what makes corporate venture funds succeed, both financially and strategically, and our proven practices and techniques provide strong results.
  • We manage the vehicle throughout the entire VC lifecycle; corporates are able to make investment decisions based on well-informed diligence and deep sector understanding.
  • We are deeply connected to venture and start-up ecosystems around the world, with a strong focus in Latin America.
  • We hit the ground running, with an experienced VC team and a strong network of industry experts.
Kamay Ventures

Kamay Ventures

Kamay Ventures is an open corporate Investment Fund that invests in ventures that add value to the community. Currently investors are Coca-Cola Argentina and Arcor SAIC, managed by Overboost.

Kamay Ventures is the first venture capital fund in Argentina in which two off the most importante corporations in the country join and invest, with the aim of promoting innovation and solutions that contribute to the digitalization of the different stages of the production process.

Kamay Ventures was born from the need of 3 organizations to create bridges between large companies and entrepreneurs to boost business, ideas and talents with the aim of creating new jobs and using innovation and technology to promote changes that improve people's lives



Edu4.me is an experience that brings together entrepreneurs, universities, corporations, investors and public entities to build “solutions” of education, based on the innovative use of technology. During 3 days, 60 entrepreneurs carefully selected, form teams to work creating, testing and improving technological solutions to educational problems (in all its variants) aided by expert mentors (in different strategic areas) to present their ideas to a jury of great experience and experience.

Edu4.me seeks to highlight local talent in various Latin American countries, and bring together all stakeholders to think about real and sustainable solutions that transform our region. It rewards up to 2 projects in each country, with the possibility of participating in a program of 9 months in the segment of technology applied to education.

Warner Music Hub

Warner Music Hub

Warner Innovation Hub is a startup builder created by Warner Music and Overboost Accelerator. Its main goal is to create and develop innovative projects amongst the best startups and entrepreneurs in the region, with all the artists and licenses of Warner Music.

All startups participating in the program go through a six months program in which entrepreneurs perfect their knowledge of the Latin American music market, learning everything from its key players, the business models of every music service and its partners in every market, and the best strategies to succeed. This program is also an incredible opportunity to learn from the most successful entrepreneurs and music executives in the region, and to network with key people who will help our startups empower their businesses.


Think Móvil

Think Móvil is an acceleration and company builder program created exclusively for startups in the mobile sector. We work with new companies focused on hardware, entertainment, Apps development, services for the mobile industry, and any other area that is related to this amazing market.

Our input goes far beyond capital, and it involves a hands-on approach, on which we work alongside the founder team to find and develop partnership opportunities with the right players anywhere or everywhere in Latin America. Because we know that succeeding in this market involves more than great tech, and a great product. It involves knowing how to reach your consumers, and which channels are the best to do so.

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